ZAR Scorpion

One of many cross-species, the Scorpion.

Cross-Species are genetically altered humans that have been somewhat (varies by person) turned into numerous creatures, respectively. These creatures have extremely enhanced abilities; abilities normal humans do not possess.

The first cross-species introduced to the zombie-infested world was Iguana, a lab animal among many others located at a secure facility twenty-eight miles south of the walled-up town of Langley. The Cross-Species project was initiated by the Governor (Ryan Lee) after coming to the realization that humans alone could not beat back the Infected. Langley's top scientists further worked on this research and accidently started something far worse than just a mild Zombie Apocalypse. This research created multiple fearsome cross-species such as Vermin, Rhino and Nattie. But the worst thing was, they escaped.

As if the remnants of humanity didn't have enough to worry about, now there are powerful, savage cross-species monstrosities on the loose, and they have proven to be just as deadly as the mindless zombies roaming the planet. Worse yet, they seem to be basically unstoppable.

The Governor is currently attempting to find a means of capturing the Cross-Species and figure out a way to control them so they help the survivors instead of killing them like the zombies do. And if they are unable to achieve success at controlling these savage monstrosities, the only logical solution to ensure the Cross-Species don't cause any more chaos and panic... then they will be disposed of as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Known Cross-SpeciesEdit